Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some tax lawyer out there is likely heading for trouble

From today's page of the U.S. Tax Court:

NOTICE: The United States Tax Court has received many telephone calls regarding an e-mail which purports to originate from the Court being sent by a member of the Tax Court's practitioner bar. This message is an example of "Spear Phishing", which is an e-mail spoofing attempt that targets a specific organization. The Tax Court is not disseminating any e-mail notice to anyone who currently has a case before this Court. If you receive an e-mail with a subject line that includes the text, "Notice of Deficiency #" followed by a series of numbers or "US Tax Petition", along with a malformed docket number following the format #000-000, and a sender address of,, or, please ignore/delete the e-mail and do not click any link within the e-mail message.

I don't know how the Court knows it is a member of the Tax Court bar, but if it knows, no doubt so does the Justice Department.

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